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Chick•A•Boom offers an upscale experience to our customers with quality Ingredients, a cooking style that’s crafted, generous, and with the highest regard to detail.

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Our food comes individually packaged and ready to hand-off to your group/guests

Prefer to have it presented in trays? let us know in the custom order form !

Chicken Sandwich Meal

Original | Honey Garlic Parm | Sweet Thai
Original Chicken Sandwich, 1 2oz Boom Sauce, Fries, Napkins

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Chicken & Waffles Meal

Plain | Cinnamon Toast Crunch | Fruit Pebbles
2 tenders and a Waffle, Syrup, Boom sauce (2 ounce soufflé), Butter cream sauce (2 ounce soufflé), Plasticware, Napkins

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Sliders Tray

Small - 12 Sliders - Serves 6-8 / $49.99
Medium - 25 Sliders - Serves 12-15 / $99.99
Large - 50 Sliders - Serves 25-30 / $189.99

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Boom Juice

Pack of 12 (Variety Pack)

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Boom Donuts

Set of 12 freshly baked Donuts

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